Whilst spending a lot of time sketching at events with a standard sketchbook and pen Martin Squires was also working on larger studio pieces. When working in two different disciplines, one influenced the other so much so that Martin started to think of ways to sketch on larger surfaces whilst sketching on his travels. The solution was this, the Scrolling Sketchpad, capable of holding long rolls of paper this enables production of on site sketches within a tapestry style format.
The Final 3.5m Scroll from The Museum.
"6th Street Specials 360 Degree Ink Sketch at the Bike Shed London 2015"
 Another example of using the Scrolling Sketchpad to define a space is this panoramic of the pits at the Dirt Quake event.
 On the 3rd July Martin Squires was granted access to the garage of the Lotus F1 Team, during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. This is a panoramic piece was all sketched within the garage during a practice day, a total of around 7 hours of sketching.   Click Here for the Blog Post  to read more and see the other sketches from his visit.
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